wohnstuecke for children - not only extraordinary furniture and beautyful rocking horses.

The unique houseboat 'Moby-Dick' and the versatile kids-kart 'Carli' are loved by the children for their manifold possibilities.

Both are on castors and can wonderfully be pulled and pushed. Their hidden storage compartments provide secret spaces for their owner's favorite toys.


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Houseboat Moby-Dick with four-year mermaidKids-kart Carli in solid beech color 'natural'Houseboat Moby-Dick antiquewhite and crewKids-kart Carli in color 'spring'Hot 'chilli' wheelbarrow CariolaHouseboats under sails in colors 'antiquewhite' and 'capri'Cariola in cool 'capr' blueSecret storage compartment of kids-kart CarliPure 'natural' CariolaMooring of Houseboat in color 'marrone'Kids-kart in color 'capri'