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w  o  h  n  s  t  u  e  c  k  e
m  o  d  e  r  n     t  r  a  d  i  t  i  o  n
Masterpieces of Craftsmanship
Extraordinary Valuable Timeless
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Schaukelpferd, Rocking Horse Premium
The rider with her fiery mahogany horse - model 'Premium'
Schaukelpferd, Rocking Horse Pony, Eiche, Oak
The 'Pony' - handcrafted from solid oak
Saddler handcraft from real leather as with the big ones
Sattel, Saddle
Schaukelpferd, Rocking Horse, Apfelschimmel, Dapple Greys
'Premium' and 'Pony' as Dapple Greys
Schaukelpferd / Rocking Horse, Pony, Ahorn / Maple
The 'Pony' from bright maple wood
Zaumzeug mit Messingsternen, bridle with brass stars
Saddle & bridle decorated with
brass stars, Swarowski crystals or
indvidually according to your wishes
Schaukelpferd Premium auf Schwinggestell, Rocking Horse Premium om safetystand
Floating over the grounds - the 'Premium' on its safety stand
Schaukelpferd, Rocking Horse, Premium, Walnuss, Walnut
for the young and the wild - the "premium" made of vivid walnut wood
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